Dear classic cars enthusiasts,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022! As you see the applications for the R.A.T.E. Spring 2022 2. – 5. June have been opened. We all will however have to wait and hope that the pandemic situation will enable our planning of 2022 events. If interested in the meantime you are invited to contact us on E-mail and check the news related to this event.

The R.A.T.E. events are:

  • Mostly or entirely they are carried out in Slovenia – the country with biggest natural and geographical diversity on a relatively small area in Europe – reaching from Alpine landscape of Upper Krain and Soča valley, over Toscana-like Karst, Adriatic coastal region, over picturesque Lower Krain region up to Pannonian plain, which spreads in the very eastern part of Slovenia.

  • This is of course inviting for the drivers of classic cars, which we like to preserve from long distances – although one sees and enjoys a lot of diversity, the number of kilometres driven on our events remains relatively small. 

  • Connected by roads that are calling for your cars each of these sub-regions have apart from their geographical diversity also different climate and of course domestic cuisine. 

  • The R.A.T.E. events aim at retro automobiles enthusiasts who want to experience interesting programmes while in the spring events visiting and staying at top locations such as Bled, Ljubljana, Piran, Otočec and other.

  • Style of the R.A.T.E. events is avoiding stress.


The characteristic of R.A.T.E. events is versatility of their programmes. They include typical features such as concourse d ’elegance, parades, optional hiking and are always offering a room for presentation and sharing of our cars’ stories.

The R.A.T.E. events are about enthusiastic people and their cars. We try to keep the tradition of the emotion that these wonderful machines can be driven by us and even bring us to different attractive places. We are always looking forward to meeting the people with the same DNA, who enjoy driving the cars that require drivers' expertize thus bringing us so much joy.

The R.A.T.E. events are open for the sport cars, which model or facelift entered the market no later than 1989. If you have a replica of a model from the era before 1990, it should be registered no later than in 2000. Contact us if your beauty does not directly meet these criteria and let us see how it can enrich our story.